Tips for Washing Machine

washing machine

1. Turn clothes inside out
Garments age faster when they rub against rougher fabrics of other items in the load. And clothes are not just dirty on the outside. “Sweat and the accumulation of dead skin cells means the inside of jeans can be as filthy, or filthier, than the outside,” says Mary Begovic Johnson, P&G fabric care principal scientist.

2. Do not Overload the washer
The size of today’s front-loading machines is deceiving—it only looks like there’s room for two dozen towels. Don’t fill the washer to capacity, since clothes need room to move to allow water and detergent to reach the fabrics to clean them. If the water gets too dirty, the dirt will simply be redeposited onto garments, making them appear grey and dingy.

3. Use right amount of detergent
Use the recommended amount of detergent for the size of your load. If you use too much, your clothes may come out with a sudsy residue. Use too little and you’ll have clothes that aren’t completely clean. Single-load detergent packs can make measuring easier. Extra-large or heavily soiled loads may require two packs. Own a high-efficiency machine? Be sure to choose a low-sudsing detergent.

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