How To Be More Organised (কিভাবে আরো অর্গানাইজ্ড হতে হয়)


Here are some expert advises on better organizing your life.

Here are top tips for getting more organised:

  • Make a list of everything you need to do and prioritize. “Highlight three things that can wait until next week”.
  • Ask your children to help. If they are of the right age, allocate them each a task and a deadline. “This will not only lighten your load but help the kids understand the efforts you go to and how they can pull their weight.” Soon these chores will become habits, even if there are some hurdles in the beginning!
  • Utilize your networks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Send a text around to your friends and family asking them to pick up something for you if they’re heading to a particular shop in the near future.
  • Outsource. Don’t be afraid to embrace emerging technologies and services to help out. You will be surprised by how economical and reliable they have become. It’s not a luxury spend any more.
  • Take opportunities. If your child is at an after school activity and there’s no time to get home and back before the end of the class – take the chance for some good, old ‘me time’. For example, put on your runners and take a brisk walk around the area. “Use the time to listen to music and clear your head”.
  • Be efficient. Have to go to the shopping center? “Put your car in for a clean whilst you’re running around,”. “That’s two things off your to do list.”

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